JAMstack tutorial to create a website with just clicks and no code at all for free [Step by step]

This JAMstack tutorial will show you how to create a JAMstack website with just clicks, no code and for $0. It will detail how to set up a JAMstack website step by step with 30+ screenshots and 2000+ words. It will involve using a git-based CMS service to edit your content easily. Let's get started.

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If JAMstack is something new for you have a look at my previous post detailing what is JAMstack and some of its technical aspects. For this tutorial following are the prerequisites:

  1. You must have a working email address (a no brainier, still good to be explicit).
  2. Knowledge of markdown would be beneficial.
  3. Knowledge of a static site generator like Hugo would help.
  4. Previous know-how of using any Content Management System (CMS) like Drupal or Wordpress would be great.

Services involved

You will need to register for the 4 (or less) online services to get your JAMstack website up and running. The good news is all of them have a free plan so your website will have a recurring running cost of exactly $0, hurray!

  1. Github - To host the code, probably you already have a Github account :)
  2. Netlify - CDN to host the website, it will be fast as it will be static files mainly
  3. Forestry - Git-based Content Management System (CMS) service to edit the JAMStack website content, your content changes will reflect on the website in a couple of minutes. Still fast for a JAMstack website.
  4. Stackbit - Service to manage above 3 and glue all of them together to bring your JAMstack website to life.

Let's dive in now.


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